Gabriela Grant artwork

Pissoirée Exhibition, Dundas Street Gallery

Pornography, 2018, Screen Prints and Mixed Media 

This project explores online pornography, looking at statistical evidence and using it to try raise notions of the impact the heavy presence of online pornography has in our lives.

For this project I looked at The site consists of many interesting articles analysing the daily activity on PornHub, a popular free porn tube site. One article that particularly grabbed my attention was one that reviewed the activity on PornHub for the whole of 2017. I was inspired to create a visual documentation of some of the statistics they had gathered. I sourced my images from pornography sites and worked in the medium of screen printing to create a large colourful map of the US that revealed what Americans are watching. I feel that the subject of pornography is still taboo and not talked about enough. Considering that the consumption of pornography has now become part of our culture and every day lives, it is important to address issues about its content and consumption. 

Lesbian, MILF and Anal are meant as an ironic comment on the most searched pornography categories on PornHub in the world in 2017. Lesbian holding 1stplace, MILF holding 2ndand Anal holding 10th. PornHub, although not representing the likes of everyone in the world, is the second most visited free pornography site in the world. The three words that I would like the viewer to think about in relation to my pieces are ‘patriarchy’ in relation to the dildo, ‘attachment’ in relation to the milk bottle and ‘taboo’ in relation to the toilet brush. 

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