Gabriela Grant artwork

Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show  

These Tits Are Mine, 2019, Installation

This 'feminist sex shop' comments on issues surrounding contemporary feminism and the use of social media for feminist activism. 

'These Tits Are Mine'  is a body of work that comments on the Instagram Feminist Art Movement (IFAM) which has emerged through fourth wave feminism. Fourth wave feminism is defined by the use of the internet for the dissemination of feminist thought. The IFAM aims to break down cultural attitudes and stereotypes towards women by subverting the ‘definition’ of femininity. The two main IFAM artists I have drawn inspiration from are Arvida Byström and Maya Malou Lyse. Both artists use pink aesthetics and partially naked selfies to reclaim autonomy over the female body and female sexuality.


My work explores whether Instagram, a consumerist platform, is the appropriate place for feminist activism. It asks the question, of whether the IFAM empowers women to reclaim the female body, or merely commoditizes feminism, reinforcing gender stereotypes and female self-obsession? 

‘These Tits Are Mine’ metaphorically builds a feminist sex shop using the pink aesthetics from the IFAM to challenge the viewers perception of contemporary online feminism. The work parallels the IFAM with the shop situating the art in a consumerist environment and the art itself drawing from the imagery produced by the movement.

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