Gabriela Grant artwork

Second Year Exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art

Trump, 2017, Screen Prints

This project explores Donald Trump's rise to presidency and the conflicts that followed regarding the United States and Mexico's relationship. 

This Trump series covers three main areas. Firstly, Trump’s rocky relationship with the Mexican president and Mexico itself, as well as the rest of the world. Secondly, his attitude towards race, immigration and “making this country great again” and finally his sexist attitude towards women.

'This kiss' for me is a satirical and ironic representation of the current relationship between the two presidents and their countries. It is an uncomfortable and disturbing image to look at. Donald trump is a mean and egotistical man; watching him embrace anyone is an uneasy sight. The kiss for me is a representation of a lot of ideas. Firstly this image could draw focus on the negative approach the Republic party is believed to hold over sexuality. Secondly in placing the two leaders in such an intimate embrace it could be possible to be tempted to compare the two leaders. Thirdly this image portrays, what could be needed to improve the situation, which is for the two leaders to “kiss and makeup”. 

Inspired by the Benneton adverts promoting, in their own controversial way, racial equality and world wide peace, I used the 1996 image of three different hearts with ‘black’, ‘white’ and ‘yellow’ written onto them as inspiration for '50 Shades of Donald Trump'. I chose an image of Trump’s head to clone three times, varying the colour of his skin tone each time. For me, these three heads are a satirical representation of Trump’s attitude to race and incidentally, immigration. He has caused absolute destruction, catastrophe and hurt by putting a ban in place, disallowing certain countries to enter ‘his’ country. 

For my final print I have taken Trump’s ‘phrase’, “grab her by the pussy” and made a collage of Trump’s head, stuck on a naked female body, in which the female is grabbing her own vagina. For me, this collage represents the hopeful, one day demise of Trump. Here he is vulnerable, naked, exposed and grabbing his own genitals. 

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